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The Days After

this isn’t a request sorry, I just felt like writing some percabeth fluff and also there isn’t enough Paul/Annabeth stuff out there

Annabeth stared down at her hands, long fingers, short nails curved off neatly, tan skin covered in little white scars, and of course the ring on her left wedding finger. She had cried when Percy produced it, looking up from where he was kneeling with those big green eyes and pouring his heart out to her in a fumbling manner which was made adorable because it was Percy saying those things. On seeing the tears pouring down her face he had leapt up and immediately started asking what was wrong.

‘Nothing’s wrong Seaweed Brain, these are called happy tears!’

‘So you’re happy?’

‘Of course I’m happy! It’s not every day your idiot boyfriend proposes to you.’

He held her cheeks in his warm palms, wiping the fresh tears away with his thumbs, the ring was on his pinky finger.

‘Shouldn’t I be wearing that?’ she asked after a moment.

‘Oh!’ he pulled his hands away from her face and held the ring between his long fingers, looking down at her now with a smile at the corner of his mouth. ‘Will you marry me Annabeth?’

Annabeth wasn’t one for soppiness, or crying in front of others – in fact Percy was one of the very few people who had actually seen her cry, seen her at her most vulnerable moments. But the smile spread across her face before she could even think of stopping it and she was saying yes of course! And the ring was on her finger and she was in his arms and he was swinging her around like they did in all the cheesy movies. They were on the bridge in Central Park and others around them had stopped to cheer, Annabeth had felt the heat flush to her face as Percy kissed her, but couldn’t find it in herself to push him away.

Three months later, she stood in front of a full-length mirror wearing a simple but elegant white gown which fell softly down the length of her body, her back was adorned with delicate lace as the material of the dress swooped down to the lower part of her spine. She had worn dresses before, plenty of times but this – this was hugely different – right now all she wanted was to be back in a pair of jeans and a Camp Half-Blood shirt. But she could hardly get married in that. At least the gown was long enough so that she could get away with wearing sneakers on her feet – she would almost definitely fall down if she had to go out in heels in this dress in front of all those people.

Originally she and Percy had hoped for a relatively quiet wedding, but somehow more and more people had ended up getting invited and now there were over a hundred people out there, waiting for her to fall over.

Her hands were trembling now.

The door opened and closed and she turned expecting Sally or Piper – her maid of honour, or perhaps even her step-mother, but it was Paul. He wore a black tux with a white rose pinned to the lapel, he looked a little James Bond-ey, though his nature was completely different.

‘Um, hi,’ she said, feeling at a loss of what else to say.

He smiled, ‘you look wonderful Annabeth.’

‘Thank you, is Percy alright?’

‘He’s fine, Sally is with him.’

‘Oh gods, is she having to calm him down – I bet he’s freaking out—’

‘Slow down Annabeth,’ Paul walking over to her and set his hands on her shoulders. ‘Percy is fine, he’s dealing with all of this surprisingly well actually. He’s the one calming Sally down; she’s getting a little emotional.’

‘He’s fine?’ she asked, with a note of slight disappointment – why wasn’t he panicking like she was?

‘There’s no need to be nervous,’ Paul said kindly, leading her over to a chair, she sat, letting her hands drop into her lap. He pulled a chair over and sat opposite her.

‘I’m not – I mean I am nervous,’ she mumbled. ‘But just of falling down or something. I want to be here though.’

‘Then what’s the matter?’

She sighed, ‘okay you’re going to have to ignore my crazy for a minute because my adrenaline is sort of at its peak and I’ve got about three hundred thousand endorphins running ar—’

‘Annabeth!’ he was smiling. ‘Just, tell me.’

Why isn’t he freaking out too? I mean this is a huge deal! And there’s so many people out there and—GODS! We’re getting married, so many things could go wrong; the goddess of marriage pretty much still wants my head on a stick, even Aphrodite can’t keep a full control on her.’ Her voice was coming out as a blurred panic, she felt tears spark in her eyes. ‘I just…what if this isn’t supposed to happen? What if there are too many things piled against us.’

‘Annabeth,’ he sighed, taking her trembling hands in his own. ‘I don’t know much about the gods, or about your prophecies. But if there’s one thing I am absolutely sure of, it’s that you and Percy are going to make it together, no matter what any gods or titans or prophecies say – you two have proved them wrong before haven’t you?’

Annabeth nodded, ‘only because he’s stubborn,’ she sniffed.

Paul grinned, ‘yes he is, but so are you.’

‘Are you saying that our stubbornness will defeat the odds?’

‘Maybe,’ he squeezed her hands. ‘But I know that the reason Percy isn’t having a meltdown back there, is because that boy has wanted to spend the rest of his life with you since he was sixteen years old, and not many people can say that.’

And those few words set her heart at ease; because she had wanted the same thing – perhaps she hadn’t planned as much as Percy seemed to have. But since they kissed in that Pavilion and in a bubble at the bottom of the Camp lake, she had never once imagined her life without him. Whether he was the centre of a thought – a trip they might take together, a school dance, buying a new apartment, or if he was just there in the background; a constant star in her sky – when she was applying for a new job, drawing out some designs, meeting for a coffee with her friends. However she imagined her future, he was there.

So how could she possibly panic anymore? It didn’t particularly matter what happened today; because the days after would be with him. Walking out in front of all those people was a little less daunting after that thought – who cared how many people would be watching her? He was the only one that mattered.

She stood, ‘thank you.’

She reached up and hugged Paul; the two had never been particularly close, but Annabeth realised now that they had formed a connection over time without even trying. They had one infallible thing in common; they had both fallen absolutely in love with a Jackson.

She walked out on her own father’s arm and caught Percy’s eyes straight away. He looked ridiculously handsome in a tux, though his hair its usual mess, his eyes were brighter than any sun. And as her hand slipped into his, her heart stopped its panic; because it didn’t particularly matter who was there today – today was for everyone, the two of them would forever have the days after.

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