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Day 10 - Favorite classic book
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin

This may be an obvious choice, but I really do love this book. There is a reason we have continued to replicate this story in film throughout history. Whether you discovered this story through the 1940 film, 1980 TV series, 1995 TV series, 2005 film or the 2012/13 vlog channel, or by the book itself - it doesn’t matter, the point is that the story touched you, it reeled you in, made you fall in love with the characters despite their many flaws, those flaws prominently being pride and prejudice. There is a reason this book is a beloved classic, and in my opinion it is not overrated, it is probably the first classic book I read and fell in love with.

My favourite rendition is the 2005 film - I love both Matthew and Keira and their chemistry is brilliant, along with a perfect supporting cast *cough* Donald Sutherland *cough* to bring the rest of the characters to life perfectly. As well as the amazing scenery, costumes, buildings and music, it’s just a purely beautiful film in my opinion.

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