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Day 03 - Your favourite series
Percy Jackson & the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

including them as one because I can’t choose

I first read these last year and fell completely and utterly in love with them. The first series has an element of innocence about it - written in Percy’s first POV, it’s filled with sassy remarks and I got a kick out of reading his thoughts about everything and everyone. The build up to the ‘Great Prophecy’ is endlessly intriguing and the story has a Harry Potter feel to it - as we revisit Percy almost year by year, while still having an individual style.

The second series feels more grown up in a way - third POV, more characters and a brand new prophecy to screw our favourite demigods over. I personally LOVED all of the new characters, Jason and Leo being my favourites, I loved their back stories and am really excited to see certain issues being resolved in the future books - Sammy and Hazel, Frank’s life stick, along with the possible war between the Camps. The whole concept of Camp Jupiter was brilliant, and the characters we met - Reyna, Octavian etc were amazing too.

The main characters in these books - Percy and Annabeth, are both completely loveable and show incredible development. Not only are they both strong individual characters but we root for them to be together the whole time because they are JUST. SO. GOOD. TOGETHER. Percy goes from being fairly clueless, and almost depressed when we first meet him, to becoming a powerful baddass demigod, who actually knows what he’s talking about and impresses those around him. And further than that, he shows some resentment towards the gods and the life he’s been given, because it isn’t fair a lot of the time and he doesn’t deserve all the crap he gets.

These books along with their characters will always have a place in my heart. I wish they were more well-known and had the credit they deserve. Camp Half-Blood will always be a fictional second home like Hogwarts will.

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