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okay fandom, i feel like we don’t make a big enough deal of this quote

this is Annabeth talking about Percy, yes i know she’s referring to the him in the prophecy not him as her future boyf. but still, this is important right? this is the first sign we see that Percy is an important and significant demi-god and that he will stir shit up and not lie down and take the crap from the gods - HE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE, which is such an important thing for so many people because at the beginning of his story, he feels completely insignificant, he’s almost depressed - he’s bullied, he feels out of place, he doesn’t understand his life. and then he discovers who and what he is, and that there are people who appreciate him and he becomes this baddass awesome character, all the while remaining a sweet innocent little butterfly while Annabeth seduces him

so much emphasis is on Percabeth as a couple (and don’t get me wrong, i love them - have you seen my URL?) that we sometimes seem to forget Percy’s character and his individual storyline and development and how much he freaking changed things - he stood up to the gods, he fought a titan war, he helped defeat Kronos and he got the girl at the end of it.

and now he’s back and he’s being put through hell again bad pun, sorry and we see some resentment from him - he’s not a little kid any more and he shows that in his…well for lack of a better word, moodiness. yet still, he fights, he struggles on towards this hope of peace, and not just because of Annabeth and his hopes to have a future with her, but for his friends, for his mother, and for Camp Half-Blood - the place which defined him, and made him discover who he was and the hero that he could be

and i just really want things to work out for him, i want him to survive all of this and keep fighting. i want him to have a happy ending. because if any character deserves a happy ending, then its Percy freaking Jackson

and well i’m not sure what the real point of this little rant is - it got away from me a little bit, but i just love this character so much and feel he deserves some extra loving as if we don’t all love him enough already

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