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it’s not that long sorry

Harry woke early on Saturday morning to see his wife leaning over him, smiling warmly. After he’d opened his eyes and smiled back at her sleepily, she leant down to plant a kiss on his lips.

‘Happy Birthday,’ she murmured.

‘Mmm, thank you.’

She pulled away, but he reached for her, grasping her waist so that she fell against his chest, her warm red hair spilling out around them like a brilliant curtain. She laughed as he kissed her again, rolling them over in the bed and pressing her into the pillows.

‘Harry,’ she mumbled when he gave her a moment to breathe. ‘Your children are waiting outside for you.’

‘They can wait a second,’ he muttered, kissing her again.

‘Harry!’ she laughed, pushing him away, and standing up from the bed.

He groaned and sat up against the headboard as she crossed the room and opened the door. Their three children piled inside almost immediately and leapt onto the bed beside Harry.

‘Happy Birthday daddy,’ Lily planted a kiss on his cheek.

‘Thank you Lils,’ he said, pulling her to sit next to him.

‘Here dad,’ his two sons thrust oddly wrapped objects at him, grinning toothily. He took them warily; James and Albus had been spending increasing amounts of time with their uncle George over the summer.

Nonetheless, he opened the presents and thanked them gratefully, avoiding the blast of green powder which blossomed from one box. After the presents were opened, they all settled on the bed for a while, Ginny fitting in next to Harry on his other side and the boys bouncing around happily on the end of the bed. They discussed what to do with the day and decided to go out for breakfast and then head over to the Weasley’s where Harry suspected a surprise party of sorts had been planned (Ron had let a few things slip at work).

He kissed the side of Ginny’s head, sighing contently, he had a family – something he had wanted his whole life. What more could he ask for?

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