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I feel like when Snape says “James Potter fancies you” to Lily, it’s largely assumed that he’s telling her something that she already knows and/or Snape is aware of this because James is very obvious about his feelings for her. But there’s a lot that’s not being…


The thing I learned from reading Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods is that Percy says a ridiculous amount of silly pick-up lines while mentioning sexy times. Which made me had to have a moment of silence for Annabeth.

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I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Death Cab For Cutie

Love of mine 
Someday you will die
But I’ll be close behind
I’ll follow you into the dark

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Anonymous asked:
What do you think of Nico and Annabeth's canon relationship? 'Cause when i was reading BotL i did get the feel that he had a crush on her until HoH shot that idea down. It still seemed that Nico really liked Annabeth, just not romantically, or at least he just really respected her. I never saw an instance where he avoided her like he did in the end of HoH, idk the continuity just seemed real off to me.

i think nico admired annabeth a whole lot. he listened to her and respected her. but i think when his feelings for percy started to make themselves present, he didn’t really know what to do with that. and, as a boy who’d been faced with rejection from pretty much every angle of his life, he responded in the only way he knew how: with rejection. he pushed percy way, and of course pushed annabeth away because he was jealous of what she had.

Can one of you pleeease write percy and annabeth when they were just best friends being cute together? i just need some friendship


Percy checks his wristwatch - the gift from Tyson this past summer - and tries not to worry. Annabeth had said she would meet him ten minutes ago. And while Percy is far from the worrying mother hen type, his mind starts thinking of worst case scenarios of its own violation. He pictures Annabeth being cornered on the tube or attacked as she runs down a street of mortals. And he is sat here, on a big rock overlooking the big lawn of Central Park, too far away to help. It’s ridiculous to worry about her, he tells himself, Annabeth has always been perfectly capable of taking care of herself. In fact, she spent most of her time getting him out of trouble. But still…


The voice is accompanied with a hard shove to the shoulder which almost sends Percy flying off the edge of the rock. He springs up, spinning around as hand automatically reaches for his pocket to withdraw Riptide, but he stops when he registers who his attacker is.

Annabeth’s grin is annoyingly smug. Her arms are crossed over her chest, and she wears jeans, boots, and a thick grey sweater which brings out her eyes.

‘Call yourself a hero?’ she said, throwing herself down on the rock. ‘What if I’d been a monster?’

After a moment in which Percy regains his composure, he joins her on the rock. ‘I would have ran you through with my sword.’

She snorts. ‘Right. From the flat of your back.’

‘Oh shut up.’ He shoves her shoulder.

She shoves him back, grinning. ‘You shut up.’

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Anonymous asked:
In my opinion about the whole annabeth last name thing i guess its just that ever since she was young she was more of a strong independent girl, she didn't rely on someone so quickly. I'm assuming she might like keep both names like chase-jackson rather than just keep chase since this is annabeth and she will add the jackson as we all know it.

yeah yeah, i get that. i just don’t understand the concept of independence = keeping maiden name

Anonymous asked:
eleventh episode with no stydia, THAT i can't forgive. ever.

i still have to catch up on last week’s ep


Percy’s handwriting.

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blue, a percy jackson + sally jackson mix
listen . download . art by marion-draws & viria

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